Sydney’s COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 was a pivotal moment to think on our feet quickly and adopt a refined way of selling using emotional marketing to showcase first-hand what it’s like to live in one of my listed properties.

Through this, ‘A Day in the Life of the Future Owner’ series was born which leverages the immersive capabilities of social media and is supported by the strengths of traditional marketing mediums including print, direct mail and in-person promotion at open homes.

As Australia has evolved into an experience economy, this shift is concurrent to the en-masse consumption of social media as a platform for digital journaling. Furthermore, buying a home is an emotional purchase – beyond the bricks and mortar, what resonates with buyers is showcasing the lifestyle they’re buying in to. This is often something I feel is missing in real estate marketing.

These observations enabled me to strategically plan a unique integrated marketing campaign for my vendors which takes buyers along the customer journey. Starting with a traditional digital listing campaign to generate awareness and consideration which is then complimented with the social series to move the customer through to intent and conversion.

‘A Day in the Life of the Future Owner’ is where my vendors do a social media takeover of my Instagram and Facebook accounts, journaling their typical Sunday in real time via social stories for prospective buyers to follow. From what I can tell, no other agent is doing anything like this. This content taps into the consumer psyche, providing an authentic understanding of the property’s stand-out features, best places to eat and experiences to be had first-hand from our vendors. The first DITL series had 5 buyers talking to me from home and one was even sitting across from the apartment watching the series the day after physically seeing the property.

It’s a unique and effective tool in showing not just the property but also it’s surrounds and way of life.

Team Bloom Hub

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